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ADD and ADHD is a syndrome, usually diagnosed in childhood, characterized by a persistent pattern of impulsiveness, a short attention span, and often hyperactivity, and interfering especially with academic, occupational, and social performance.

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Available Conferences or Events
13th National ADDA Conference 7/1/2008
The International AD/HD Coaching Conference 2003 3/28/2003
ADD Conference 2001 5/4/2001
Coming Out of the Darkness 9/22/2000
ADD Conference 2000 5/12/2000
ADD Conference 1999 5/7/1999
Coming Out of the Darkness 11/6/1998
Adult ADD Conference 1998 5/15/1998
Putting the Pieces Together 11/7/1997
ADD Conference 9/26/1997
ADD Across the Lifespan 9/26/1997
A Matter of Style 9/11/1997
Adult ADD Conference 1997 5/16/1997
Adult ADD Conference 1997 3/7/1997
ADD Across the Lifespan 9/28/1996
ADD Across the Lifespan 10/6/1995
Bringing the Pieces Together 5/18/1995
Meeting the Challenge - Living the adventure 4/21/1995
Ages and Stages 2/10/1995
ADD Across the Lifespan 10/5/1994
The Changing world of Adults with ADD 5/15/1993
ADD/ADHD in the 90's 3/13/1993
ADD Bringing the Pieces Together
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