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All Titles for The First International Public Conference on VACCINATION

Audiotapes.com is proud to present the following recordings from The First International Public Conference on VACCINATION. All titles were recorded  .

1. A Complete Set of Tapes (16 Tapes with Album)
      by Complete Set

      Our Price:  $115.00     Product Code: NVICVALL

             More info...

2. Biological Mechanism of Vaccine Injury and Vaccine Reaction Blood Tests
      by Terry M. Phillips

      Our Price:  $8.50     Product Code: NVICV2

             More info...

3. Dinner - Guest Speaker: Lea Thompson
      by Lea Thompson

      Our Price:  $8.50     Product Code: NVICVGS

             More info...

4. Health Care Philosophies: Freeing the Life Force to Heal: Naturopathic Medicine & Homeopathy: Metabolic Support for the Vaccine Injured: Discussion
      by Arno Burnier

      Our Price:  $17.00     Product Code: NVICV07

             More info...

5. Hepatitis B. Vaccine Injuries: Discussion - Vaccines & Chronic Illness
      by Byron M. Hyde

      Our Price:  $8.50     Product Code: NVICV4

             More info...

6. Integrative Medicine Panel: Panelists Include
      by Stephen C. Marini

      Our Price:  $17.00     Product Code: NVICV08

             More info...

7. Keynote Address - Science, Politics & Freedom
      by Barbara Loe Fisher

      Our Price:  $8.50     Product Code: NVICVKN

             More info...

8. Open Interactive Form: The Nutritional & Integrative Medicine Approach for Your Vaccine Injured Child
      by Audience

      Our Price:  $8.50     Product Code: NVICV10

             More info...

9. Testimonials: Parents of Vaccine Injured Children Reports of Informed Consent Violations
      by Parents

      Our Price:  $8.50     Product Code: NVICV11

             More info...

10. Vaccination, The Law & Informed Consent
      by Peter H. Meyers

      Our Price:  $17.00     Product Code: NVICV09

             More info...

11. Vaccine Regulation and Polio Vaccine Contamination: Discussion - Vaccines & Chronic Illness
      by Walter Kyle

      Our Price:  $8.50     Product Code: NVICV6

             More info...

12. Vaccines & Learning Disabilities: Measles Virus and Measles Vaccine: Lesson to be Learned
      by Marcel Kinsbourne

      Our Price:  $8.50     Product Code: NVICV3

             More info...

13. Viral Vaccines & Chromosome Damage: Vaccine Administration Combines With Other Hazardous Exposures
      by Howard B. Urnovitz

      Our Price:  $8.50     Product Code: NVICV5

             More info...

14. Welcome: Vaccines, Genetics & Infant Death
      by Barbara Loe Fisher

      Our Price:  $8.50     Product Code: NVICV1

             More info...

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