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All Titles for Revisiting Our Roots 1996 Annual Meeting

Audiotapes.com is proud to present the following recordings from Revisiting Our Roots 1996 Annual Meeting, which was sponsored by American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry. All titles were recorded 3/7/1996 at Marina del Rey, CA USA.

1. Adolescent Antisocial Behavior
      by Michael Malkin

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9613

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2. Adolescent Development
      by Everitt Dulit

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9609

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3. Adolescent Psychopharmacology
      by Dennis Cantwell

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: ASA9607

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4. Ambient Genocide and Adolescence: Historical Perspectives on German Medicine in the 1930's; narcissism, Identity Formation and Genocide; Adolescents in Bosnia: Working With Victims of Ethnic Cleansing
      by Michael J. Franzblau

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: ASA9618AB

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5. Brief Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Adolescents
      by Larry Shadid

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9606

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6. Clinical Approaches to Inpatient Utilization Management in the Public Sector: Extended Crisis Intervention and Supplemental Case Management Services; Clinical Protocols in Inpatient Utilization Management
      by Mark Chenven

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: ASA9617AB

             More info...

7. Discussion
      by Vivian Rakoff

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9604

             More info...

8. Forensic Adolescent Psychiatry
      by Doris Soghor

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9614

             More info...

9. Gralnick Memorial Award & Lecture
      by June Gantz-Gralnick

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9608

             More info...

10. Object Relations
      by Efrain Blaiberg

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9601

             More info...

11. Personality Disorders
      by Glen Pearson

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9612

             More info...

12. Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy: A Complicated Interface
      by Philip Katz

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9616

             More info...

13. PTSD and Trauma
      by Spencer Eth

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9610

             More info...

14. School Consultation
      by Irving Berkovitz

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9615

             More info...

15. Self and Self Object Environment
      by Marian Tolpin

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9602

             More info...

16. The Ego-Psychological Approach to Adolescence
      by Aaron Esman

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9603

             More info...

17. The Psychodynamics of Adolescent Suicide
      by Lisa Firestone

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9611

             More info...

18. Therapeutic Alliance
      by Philip Katz

      Our Price:  $10.00     Product Code: ASA9605

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