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All Titles for Breaking the Cycle of Silence
First Annual National Conference

Audiotapes.com is proud to present the following recordings from Breaking the Cycle of Silence, which was sponsored by The Survivors of Clergy Abuse Link-up. All titles were recorded 10/16/1992 .

1. Blowing Up The Cover-Up
      by Maryalyce Ebert

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCS7

             More info...

2. Breaking the Cycle of Silence
      by Jeanne Miller

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCS1

             More info...

3. Clerical Culture and Pedophilia
      by Andrew Greeley

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCSKN5

             More info...

4. How Can I Be A Clergy Abuse Survivor and Raise a Family Too?
      by Chris Schmidt

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCS5

             More info...

5. Identification of Ritual Abuse In A Community Setting
      by Beth Vargo

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCS4

             More info...

6. Is Nothing Sacred?
      by Rev. Marie Fortune

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCSKN1

             More info...

7. Panel Discussions: Questions & Answers
      by Panel Discussion

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: BCS12AB

             More info...

8. Representing and Empowering Survivors of Clergy Abuse - Visiting the Sins of the Fathers Upon the Church
      by Jeffrey Anderson

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCSKN4

             More info...

9. Setting A Vision (Closing Address)
      by Jeanne Miller

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCS13

             More info...

10. Sex Offenders: A Clinical Profile
      by James Cavanaugh

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCSKN2

             More info...

11. Sexual Abuse By Priests - Why?
      by A.W. Richard Sipe

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCS11

             More info...

12. The Empowerment of Victims
      by Jason Berry

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCS3

             More info...

13. The Inside-Out of Criminal Investigations
      by Portia Wallace

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCS6

             More info...

14. The Typology of Child Molesters
      by Kenneth Lanning

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCS10

             More info...

15. The Victim-Sensitive Interview
      by Neil Hochstadt

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCS9

             More info...

16. Walking Through the Fire: The Road Into The Future
      by Thomas P. Doyle

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCSKN3

             More info...

17. Wellness Spirituality For Abused Persons
      by John Pilch

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: BCS8

             More info...

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