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All Titles for Surviving & Healing: Moving Ahead
Link-up's 4th National Healing Conference

Audiotapes.com is proud to present the following recordings from Surviving & Healing: Moving Ahead, which was sponsored by The Survivors of Clergy Abuse Link-up. All titles were recorded 1/1/1996 .

1. A Journey from Religion to Spirituality
      by Arthur Melville

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: SHMA09

             More info...

2. Abuse and Secret Societies
      by Neil Brick

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: SHMA11

             More info...

3. Closing Comments
      by Thomas H. Economus

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: SHMA13

             More info...

4. Entertainer
      by Bette Rod

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: SHMA07

             More info...

5. Heroes & Self-Esteem: Villains & Imperial Robes
      by Frank Fitzpatrick

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: SHMA08

             More info...

6. Keynote Address: The Clergy Abuse Crisis Today
      by Anson Shupe

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: SHMA02

             More info...

7. Mediation as an Alternative to Litigation
      by Debra Warwick-Sabino

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: SHMA12

             More info...

8. Survivals Panel
      by Nancy Briggs

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: SHMA06AB

             More info...

9. Survivors Power to Heal and Change
      by Barbara Blaine

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: SHMA05

             More info...

10. The future of LINKUP
      by Paul and Sue Griffith

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: SHMA10

             More info...

11. Victim/Survivor/Priest: Finding Healing Within the Church
      by Gary Hayes

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: SHMA04

             More info...

12. Welcome Address and Update
      by Thomas H. Economus

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: SHMA01

             More info...

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