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All Titles for From Surviving to Thriving
Link-up's Third National Healing Conference

Audiotapes.com is proud to present the following recordings from From Surviving to Thriving, which was sponsored by The Survivors of Clergy Abuse Link-up. All titles were recorded 9/1/1995 .

1. Awareness - Community - Activism
      by Kathy Constantinides

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: FST07

             More info...

2. Gender Issues
      by Estelle Disch

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: FST05

             More info...

3. Keynote Address: Breach of Trust
      by John Gonsiorek

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: FSTKN1

             More info...

4. Keynote Address: Gains, Losses and Lessons Learned
      by Mike Lew

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: FSTKN2

             More info...

5. Keynote Address: Take Up Your Mat and Walk: The Journey Towards Healing
      by Fran Ferder

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: FSTKN3

             More info...

6. Keynote Address: The Resilient Self
      by Steven J. Wolin

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: FSTKN4

             More info...

7. Legal Issues
      by Joseph Klest

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: FST02

             More info...

8. Lying Perpetrator Syndrome
      by Frank Fitzpatrick

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: FST01

             More info...

9. Reclaiming the Survivors Movement and Our Power
      by Thomas H. Economus

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: FST09

             More info...

10. Spiritual Reconnection
      by Patricia Liberty

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: FST06

             More info...

11. Spirituality and Healing: A Theological Perspective
      by John Kooistra

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: FST04

             More info...

12. Survivors Panel
      by Nancy Briggs

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: FST03AB

             More info...

13. The Art of Advocacy in Healing from Clergy Sexual Abuse
      by Nancy Biele

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: FST08

             More info...

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