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All Titles for Healing Toward Prevention
Link-up's Second Annual National Conference

Audiotapes.com is proud to present the following recordings from Healing Toward Prevention, which was sponsored by The Survivors of Clergy Abuse Link-up. All titles were recorded 8/4/1994 .

1. A Healing Modality for Clergy Abuse Victims - Biblio/Poetry Therapy
      by Arleen M. Hynes

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: HTP12

             More info...

2. Clergy Sexual Abuse: An Historical Overview
      by Gary R. Schoener

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: HTP5

             More info...

3. Future Directions: Commencement Address & Closing Prayer: Pastoral Comments
      by Jeanne M. Miller

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: HTP17

             More info...

4. Holding the Institutional Church Accountable for Moral Bankruptcy
      by Thomas P. Doyle

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: HTP4

             More info...

5. Keynote Address - Sexual Abuse and the Abuse of Power
      by Joan Chittister

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: HTP2

             More info...

6. Legal Issues in Representing Adult Survivors in Jurisdictions that Recognize Delayed Discovery
      by Stephen Rubino

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: HTP9

             More info...

7. NARRATIVES: SURVIVORS PANEL - Abbey of Regina Laudis - The Camouflaged Cult
      by Unknown

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: HTP8AB

             More info...

8. Problems of the Prophetic: The Christian Roots of Abuse
      by AW Richard Sipe

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: HTP3

             More info...

9. Restoring Connections to Self and Others After Clergy Sexual Misconduct
      by Ellen T. Luepker

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: HTP11

             More info...

10. The Art of Advocacy
      by Nancy Biele

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: HTP15

             More info...

11. The Problems of Abuse in Europe: A Journalist's View
      by Stijn Fens

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: HTP10

             More info...

12. Theological Resources: Catholic Emphasis on Human Dignity
      by Susan Secker

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: HTP6

             More info...

13. Transformation: From Victimhood to Heroism
      by Dennis A. Gaboury

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: HTP16

             More info...

14. Welcome Address - Healing Toward Prevention: Opening Prayer & Welcome: Blueprint for the Future
      by Jeanne Miller

      Our Price:  $8.00     Product Code: HTP1

             More info...

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