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All Titles for Business & Marketing 1997

Audiotapes.com is proud to present the following recordings from Business & Marketing 1997, which was sponsored by Miscellaneous Speakers. All titles were recorded 6/1/1997 .

1. Get You Competitors Business
      by Alan Antin

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG-97-19

             More info...

2. Getting Everything You Want from Life in Five Years
      by Steve Haines

      Our Price:  $29.97     Product Code: MKG-97-17

             More info...

3. Getting Free Publicity
      by Raleigh Pinskey

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG-97-09

             More info...

4. Getting Your Offer Seen by the Most Important Person
      by Tony Parinello

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG-97-06

             More info...

5. How to Begin Basic Marketing and End Up a Superstar in a Year
      by Brad Antin

      Our Price:  $29.97     Product Code: MKG974

             More info...

6. How to Create Million Dollar Ideas Every 60 Seconds
      by T. Harv Eker

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG-97-11

             More info...

7. How to Gain the Rights to Books in the Public Domain
      by Tag Powell

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG97-05

             More info...

8. How to Use Marketing to Make Huge Profits in Real Estate
      by Ron LeGrand

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG-97-10

             More info...

9. How to Write Powerful Headlines
      by Mike Roth

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG97-03

             More info...

10. How to Write Your Own Best Selling Book
      by Dan Poynter

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG97-02

             More info...

11. Making Money from Special Interest Videos
      by Dan Reynolds

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG-97-20

             More info...

12. Making Money On the Internet and by Selling Information
      by Russ Von Hoelscher

      Our Price:  $29.97     Product Code: MKG-97-13

             More info...

13. Networking for Success
      by Anne Boe

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG-97-07

             More info...

14. Powerhouse Marketing to your Existing Customers
      by Bill Brooks

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG-97-18

             More info...

15. Secrets to Direct Mail Profits
      by Chuck Abbott

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG-97-08

             More info...

16. Secrets to Keeping 90% of all the Money You Make
      by Wade Cook

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG-97-14

             More info...

17. Use Your Mind to Make Millions and Four Principles to Success
      by Mark Victor Hansen

      Our Price:  $15.97     Product Code: MKG-97-15

             More info...

18. Writing Sales Letters and Testing Them
      by Ted Nicholas

      Our Price:  $29.97     Product Code: MKG97-01

             More info...

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